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Description of the Portals

Our former pilot project Portal Tijuana, which we have started in August 2001 became the most unique network of 72 portals in Mexico . In one basic portal we have merged all the 32 states with the 71 most important cities in Mexico .

Portal Mexico is made like a shelter of a global finding place. The place where most of the daily important things you need at work, in your household, for your hobbies, homework to do as a student, or basic information for professionals, the money exchange rate, conversion of our different calculation systems, all the news paper in the world, etc., all this and plenty of a lot more you find in Portal Mexico with 1 click at your disposal. Most of its content is in Spanish and maybe 10% - 15% is in English.

The home page of the portals is made like a menu card in a restaurant. After a while of frequently visiting the Website you know exactly where to click in the "menu card" to get your information fast and instantly, without loosing a lot of "searching" time with any of the few successful search engines.

The Website is made in a very simple way with light pastel colors and without any spectacular graphics and no impressive flash techniques. The reason why is very simple. Imagine every time someone visits the portal one or multiple times and has to wait for loading up all the java script and/or flash programs, they will not come back again! That's the reason why we have renounced to the design of a very fancy and impressive Website. Our maxim is: Less is always more !

By the way, each visitor is counted / registered by their IP verification as one ( 1 ) visit per day only, regardless how many times a day they visit our portal.

Most of our Internet visitors / clients come back up to 5 times a day, visiting 5 to 8 different pages for collecting information which they know to find in our portals.

And, we have achieved this result with Internet-Advertising only !!!

We did this one of a kind of advertising on purpose, just to proof that we from Discovery Internet are able and capable to advertise successfully in Internet only; thanks to our special technical skills and Internet marketing & advertising strategies.

The architecture of Portal Mexico was created and designed to be the global information center in Mexico . Absolutely free for public use. Certainly limited to the most common used categories of activities in our daily life and work. So very simple as it looks, in regard of graphic design, so simple it works, that's the aim of the game of Portal Mexico.

But indeed, it was not that simple as it looks - ! To transform the basic Marketing idea on paper, planning & elaborating the structure for usability and the logistic of the sequences, plus the collecting and downloading of all the links etc. was the work of many months of creative and visual thinking; but as well as physically hard working with a very talented and skillful team.

The configuration and protection of our servers for the portals, the construction and "assembling" of all the entire city portals into an absolute smooth functional network was one of a kind.






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Para más información sobre el contenido de cada Portal, consultar la ' Guía del Portal ' en cada una de las páginas correspondientes.
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